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Welcome to my web site

On my web site you can find out about me, my work in Sydenham and Lewisham Council. In short I have represented Sydenham ward since 1986 and believe I have a real understanding of the local issues having lived in and represented Sydenham for over 30 years. I am always ready to listen to what residents say and provide community leadership in chairing the Sydenham Assembly. I am the Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care. I also chair the Sydenham Town Centre Steering Group and SEE3 Portas pilot to attract quality independent businesses to Sydenham.

Please visit my councillor web site as this provides links to Lewisham Council and factual information such as my Newsletters and the Ward Profile - please see the latest quarterly Newsletters.

Please visit my Contact me page for way to get in touch or just send me an email - info@chrisbest.org

Working with Damien on delivering our Labour Manifesto for 2018 - 2022

Update on Lewisham's Manifesto Pledges

We have been working hard to ensure the delivery of our Lewisham Manifesto Pledges. Our Directly Elected Mayor, Damien Egan, has set up meetings to review the pledges quarterly and ensure we are on track with the delivery over the 4 year period. Please see our pledges in the Lewisham Labour Manifesto.

We are facing the worst cuts in local government spending that I can remember as a councillor for over 30 years. By 2020 our local services will be decimated - we need to be ready to govern the country and protect our most vulnerable.

Unison Ethical Care Charter

Delivering on Lewisham's Manifesto Pledge

In February Lewisham Council agreed to sign up for the Ethical Care Charter developed by Unison. The Charter outlines a list of suggestions to Councils for improving home care services for users, and providing a better work environment for home care employees. Since then, I’ve overseen a report aimed at understanding all the implications and challenges of adopting the Charter, and recommending the best plan for Lewisham to do so. That report was approved by the Mayor and Cabinet on the 20 September.

I believe that adopting the Ethical Care Charter is an extremely important undertaking for us. Without these provisions, home care workers aren’t guaranteed compensation for travel costs and they may be rushed getting from one client to the next, so they are unable to provide as much care and attention as they would like to.

The London Living Wage, currently £10.20 per hour, is the only wage calculation that takes into account the actual cost of living based on goods and services. It is higher than both the minimum wage £7.38 per hour and the national living wage £7.83 per hour and applies to all adults instead of just those over 21 or 25 years old. Calculations for the London Living Wage also recognize the higher cost of living in London compared to other areas of the UK, while other standard rates do not. Following the London Living Wage is part of the Ethical Care Charter because paying employees what they actually need for them and their families to survive is a necessary part of improving home care.

Unfair treatment for workers has a negative effect on services, meaning that clients who use home care services aren’t provided with the level of support, respect, and dignity that they deserve. These individuals are in a vulnerable position. It is our responsibility as a Council to make sure that they are treated well and given the utmost quality of care.

Lewisham will be the 33rd UK Council to sign up for the Ethical Care Charter.

Launch of the Sydenham Fun Palace

Latest from the Sydenham Assembly

Sydenham Fun Palace weekend of 6th and 7th October

The first-ever Sydenham Fun Palace took place on 6th and 7th of October and it was AMAZING!

Go online to http://funpalaces.co.uk/discover/ and search “Sydenham” for the various fun events.

The Sydenham Assembly Newsletters are online [here](http://www.lewisham.gov.uk/inmyarea/neighbourhoods/sydenham/Pages/Sydenham-newsletters.aspx

Our top five priorities for Sydenham are - Bringing our community together - Health and Wellbeing - Vibrant high street - Keeping Sydenham clean and green - Crime and Antisocial behaviour.

The Sydenham Assembly Fund has a maximum of £2,000 for any one bid and the successful projects from the meeting in December are Sydenham Community Library Rhyme Time for Under 5s - £1,410; Children's Crafts £380 and Adults Crafts - £740. TNG (The New Generation Youth and Community Centre) Intergenerational project with the Over 50s Film Project - £1,540. The Greener Homecroft Project Growing Greener - £600. SEE3 High Street Happenings - £2,000 and Spontaneous Productions Eleanor Marx Community Play - £2,000. Voluntary Services Lewisham Christmas Project - £2,000 and Carers Lewisham Carers keep well - £1,830.

Previous Sydenham Assembly meetings are under the Get Involved page

Please visit the Sydenham Assembly page of Lewisham's web site for more information

You can also join the facebook page.

Talking about the heritage of Sydenham including Sir Ernest Shackleton CVO OBE FRGS who led three British expeditions to the Antarctic

Ellie Reeves Labour's MP Lewisham West & Penge

Visiting Sydenham Community Library

Ellie Reeves has been out and about visiting different organizations as MP for Lewisham West and Penge. I was delighted to meet Ellie at Sydenham Community Library and talk about the offer of our new ipads for hire.

Please [clickhere (http://www.elliereeves.org.uk/) for further information. You can get in contact by writing to: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Alternatively you can email at: ellie.reeves.mp@parliament.uk or call 020 7219 2668. You can also keep up to date with Ellie's activities by following my Twitter and Facebook.

Ellie has lived in the area for most of her life going to Adamsrill Primary School and Cator Park Secondary School. She lives in the constituency with her family and is married to John Cryer, Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Ellie is providing a strong voice in Parliament as well as locally. She follows on from Jim Dowd, who served for 25 years as our MP and 20 years a Councillor for the London Borough of Lewisham.

The poem was composed by Kas Darley and Mark Stevenson from Teatro Vivo who started the Assembly meeting with a performance as Titania and Oberon.They asked for words from those present to present this poem at the end of the meeting

Teatro Vivo - Ode to Sydenham

The shops are bursting with melons aplenty
We're proud to live in SE's six and twenty
Green spaces and the famous pocket squares
Parks Mayow, Wells and Home to take the airs
But if carousing is the thing for you
Look for the creatures in our local zoo
Drink with a Dolphin and a Lion of Gold
Soon hopefully the Greyhound will be sold
And like a Phoenix from the flames will rise
Transforming right before our very eyes
If you like to sit in your car and sing
The queues on Sydenham high street are the thing
But if your journey you'd prefer was swift
Bus, trains and Overground are Sydenham's gift
With High Street Happenings and Sydenham Arts
Culture is bursting out from many parts The library's brought to life by volunteers For whom we all would like to give three cheers!
Community in Sydenham is so strong
Together we're a very happy throng
A diverse bunch of ages and of races
There's Sydenham Smiles on all our friendly faces.

You can look me up on facebook - as well as Sydenham Assembly, Sydenham Town Centre and SEE3

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